The High Street Dining Guide

24 March, 2016

Whether you're after breakfast, lunch or dinner, or are looking for a tasty snack, High Street is home to some amazing eateries.
Head to High Street and try some of our favourite spots - we've included our must try dishes from each place to help you out:


This hidden gem of High Street is absolutely essential for kicking your day off right - fantastic coffee, eats and treats. 
Our pick: The Portobello mushrooms on sourdough with smoked feta and a perfectly poached egg.

eighthirty Cafe 
Enjoy a premium brew by these popular coffee roasters plus something tasty and savoury from the cabinet. 
Our pick: A delicious cup of eighthirty espresso coffee - find out what makes this coffee brand so popular.

Relish the very best of local produce at this central city café and grocer, with communal seating this is perfect for a larger group. 
Our pick: This is a rotating, seasonal menu but you can't go wrong with one of Scarecrow's fresh breakfast cups.

Scarecrow is our favourite central city grocer and cafe. 


Wine Chambers
This is a menu full of delicious ​Mediterranean ​influences with options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 
Our pick: You can't go wrong with the pork belly served on a bok choi and sweet corn puree with a side of purple potatoes. 

Le Chef Vulcan Lane 
With super fresh seasonal produce, a perfectly curated wine list from Maison Vauron and very friendly staff, this is an easy spot to fall in love with. 
Our pick: Try a perfectly stuffed Baguette - the salmon, creme and lemon dijon sandwich is simple but delicious.

Giles Luncheonette 
Perfect for something on the go - head to Giles for a well-filled baguette and keep shopping while you refuel. 
Our pick: The tasty mother-in-law masala eggs.

The Shelf 
For a decadent mocha and something hot from the menu, look no further than The Shelf - a super popular café on High Street. 
Our pick: The chicken sandwich with brie cheese and cranberry sauce.

A delicious dish from Le Chef Vulcan Lane. 


What's better than a hearty Italian meal after a busy day of bike riding, shopping and grooming? 
Our pick: The chicken saltimbocca with roast potatoes, spinach and shallots in a lemon cream sauce - life changing.

Mezze Bar 
Warm, inviting and comfortable this Middle Eastern style restaurant offers sumptuous, delicious dishes. 
Our pick: The Za'atar vegetarian burger is a thing of beauty - topped with hummus, chargrilled eggplant, roast carrot, tahini and chunky chips on the side, of course.

Housebar at Hotel DeBrett 
Finish your day with a special cocktail at Housebar in Hotel DeBrett. 
Our pick:
What's great about Housebar are the talented and accommodating mixologists - can't find a cocktail you want? Let the bartender know what you like and they'll create something bespoke just for you.

The intimate setting of Housebar at Hotel DeBrett.