Cali Press

Culture of Health Inspired by LA

Sydney’s favourite health cafe, Cali Press has launched their first New Zealand outpost on Graham Street right in the heart of the central city.

Inspired by Californian clean living and its sun-kissed beach lifestyle, Cali Press serves fresh, raw, healthy and genuinely delicious food and drinks.

The cafe's stunning space is simple and relaxed, perfect for a leisurely breakfast or lunch. Alternatively, Cali Press' tantalising offering can be grabbed on-the-go.

Their range of cold press juices and smoothies are packed with vitamins and nutrients. We especially recommend the oxidants-rich Golden State juice with orange, carrot, pineapple and lemon, as well as the Vanilla Sky Mylk smoothie that beautifully combines strawberries, raspberries, Goji, manuka honey, dates and macadamia butter.

Their deliciously healthy superfood bowls, sandwiches and healthy snacks won't disappoint either.

You should definitely check out Cali Press if you're after a breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack bursting with a host of health benefits. 

Contact details

2 Graham Street
Opening hours: 
Mon 7.00am-4.00pm
Tue 7.00am-4.00pm
Wed 7.00am-4.00pm
Thu 7.00am-4.00pm
Fri 7.00am-4.00pm
Sat 8.00am-4.00pm


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