Ela Cuisine

The South-Indian fusion is the epicentre of spice. Serving up gorgeous food such as Indian specialty fish biryani an aromatic dish with raisins, spices, and cashews. The boneless fish would be included in the meal with poppadom, raitha and pickle included.

With a range of gluten free options available and levels of heat able to opt into, there is plenty to choose from as well as for vegetarians. The pulaav is filled with vegetables and there are a variety of dishes with whole fish and spins on traditional meals including beetroot, crisp cauliflower and more. The menu items also include dosa, prawn, fish and quail. Try their goat curry or take home enough biryani to feed a family or large group for your dinner party.

The bread available is a flat white grain bread or pita. The restaurant is licensed and catering is available for small groups. Reservations are available.

NZ Herald reviewer Peter Calder credited the eatery by saying the 'food is thoughtful, original and meticulously prepared. In a part of town where you are spoiled for choice, it will reward your attention.'

Contact details

Elliott Stables
41 Elliott St
+64 9 379 2710
Opening hours: 
Mon 11.45am-2.45pm 5.00pm-9.30pm
Tue 11.45am-2.45pm 5.00pm-9.30pm
Wed 11.45am-2.45pm 5.00pm-9.30pm
Thu 11.45am-2.45pm 5.00pm-9.30pm
Fri 11.45am-2.45pm 5.00pm-9.30pm
Sat 11.45am-2.45pm 5.00pm-9.30pm