• 3 Beans Coffee Roasters
    3 Beans Coffee Roasters

    3 Beans Coffee Roasters is all fired up with a 1923 fully restored Whitmee roaster and public...

  • Giles Luncheonette
    Giles Luncheonette

    This supremely good cafe serves coffee and organic drinks with the feel of a great neighbourhood...

  • Le Garde-Manger
    Le Garde-Manger

    Le “garde-manger” means pantry or the place where yummy food is stored! This French cafe serves ...

  • Chuffed

    This tucked away cafe on High Street has indoor and outdoor seating and a menu with seriously...

  • The Three Words
    The Three Words

    Specialists in cakes, flowers, macarons, and other desserts in Auckland's city centre.

  • Chancery Square
    Chancery Square

    Nestled in between the beautiful Albert Park and the bustle of mid town, Chancery Square is...

  • The Coffee Club Customs Street
    The Coffee Club Customs Street

    At The Coffee Club a high standard of service is guaranteed, there's an inviting relaxed atmosphere...

  • Altezano Brothers - Queen Street
    Altezano Brothers - Queen Street

    Altezano is a family owned coffee roasting business established in 1999. Situated in the foyer of...

  • 21 Viaduct Café
    21 Viaduct Café

    For the best of al fresco dining where Auckland meets Paris.

  • Mojo Exchange Lane
    Mojo Exchange Lane

    Tucked away in the historical Exchange Lane, this cafe offers you the perfect place to escape the...

  • Best Coffee Spots in the Heart of the City

    Check out our all-purpose guide to coffee in the heart of the city. 

  • Le Chef
    Le Chef

    Le Chef on Upper Vulcan Lane brings the charm of a traditional French cafe, bar and bistro to the...

  • Middleton Cafe & Bar
    Lovebite #70 All-Day Fire

    Begin or end your day by the fire at this central city cafe and bar.

  • Federal & Wolfe
    Federal & Wolfe

    Located on the corner of Federal and Wolfe Streets, this cafe offers an eco-friendly menu and...

  • Little Melba
    Little Melba

    Little Melba is a sweet little nook on Queen Street offering busy city dwellers delicious and quick...