Mindfood Season of Six Degrees of Separation

ASB Waterfront Theatre

Suave and sophisticated, wealthy Manhattan art dealers Flan and Ouisa Kittredge are all about keeping up appearances in high-society New York. But suddenly their world of comfort and respectability is turned upside down.

Only once they begin to piece together the truth do the cracks in the veneer come into sharp relief – and with it, a whirlwind introduction to the question of human connection.

A cultural touchstone, Six Degrees of Separation not only gave rise to a popular modern catchphrase but also stunned audiences with its blistering satire of class and race relations in 1991.

Adapted into an acclaimed film, this multi Tony Award-winning work has lost none of its brilliant intellect and whip-smart humour – and, viewed today, is more strikingly relevant than ever.

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ASB Waterfront Theatre
138 Halsey Street
14 - 29 August 2019