Archived: Yours Sincerely

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In the face of precarity, sincerity is the new black. At the heart of this increasingly popular sentiment is a call for aroha to more significantly shape our country’s aspirations and actions. 

‘A love-based politics,’ political theorist Max Harris writes, ‘is an extension, not just an application, of values of care, community and creativity.’

With practices that extend beyond themselves, the artists included in Yours Sincerely bring the different aspects of a politics of love to life, choosing to embrace idealism rather than cringe at the term.

By bringing them into conversation with one another, the exhibition showcases how our artists are navigating the current contemporary moment and puts forth an invitation to celebrate sincerity in all its forms.

Curated by Molly Jones and Minnie Parker, 2018 Wallace Arts Trust Summer Interns.

6–14 October

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Image Credit: video still from Brydee Rood, Mull Ballon Wolke Kanal Projekt, 2011, video, Collection of the Wallace Arts Trust

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25 September – 11 October 2018; Late Night Art - Tuesday 9 October, 6pm–8pm