Barclay Relax

Relax. Rejuvinate. De-Stress. Invigorate.

Barclay Relax is a secluded oasis in the heart of the city that brings together traditonal and modern wellness techniques.

Guided by their Thai heritage, experienced therapists at Barclay Relax focus on restoring the natural balance of body and mind.

Inspired by the practice of traditional Asian medicine and naturopathy, each treatment is thoughtfully designed to restore well-being and ensure a relaxing experience.

These treatments are complemented by selected beauty services, from those that refresh and rejuvenate to convenient waxing services.

Contact details

74 Albert Street
Opening hours: 
Sun 10.30am-8.00pm
Mon 10.30am-8.00pm
Tue 10.30am-8.00pm
Wed 10.30am-8.00pm
Thu 10.30am-8.00pm
Fri 10.30am-8.00pm
Sat 10.30am-8.00pm


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