Bang Bang China Cafe

inside Saint Alice

Hidden around the corner, inside Saint Alice in The Viaduct, you will find Bang Bang China Cafe with colourful murals and  cartoons adorning the walls of this street-food inspired eatery.

With a focus on Chinese quick bites like dumplings, Char-siu BBQ pork and a strong focus on fresh seafood, Bang Bang China Cafe is a great wee spot any time of the day.

Contact details

204 Quay Street
Opening hours: 
Sun 11.00am-4.00am
Mon 11.00am-4.00am
Tue 11.00am-4.00am
Wed 11.00am-4.00am
Thu 11.00am-4.00am
Fri 11.00am-4.00am
Sat 11.00am-4.00am