From summer pop ups to the best outdoor lunch spots , the city centre is the place for your summer catch up.

Best Outdoor Lunch Spots
Take a break over the lunchtime period and refocus your thoughts by visiting one of the many comfortable outdoor lunch spots Auckland central has to...
Best Summer Pop Ups
Summer is here, and so is the time for heading out to explore the city and all its events and installations.
Orbit 360º Dining
Editor's Pick:Orbit 360º Dining
Enjoy uninterrupted views of Auckland City from the top of the Sky Tower, Orbit is a revolving restaurant offering New Zealand cuisine in intimate...
  • Legianz Waroeng Indonesia
    Legianz Waroeng Indonesia

    Offering you a taste of authentic Indonesian cuisine, Legianz is a warm and welcoming restaurant in...

  • Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen

    Perfect for long lunches, after work drinks and late night dancing.

  • Clooney

    The team behind Clooney's focus is to showcase the New Zealand ingredients they use and their...

  • LaZeppa
    La Zeppa

    La Zeppa promises a relaxed ambiance and great Mediterranean dining on a stunning deck overlooking...

  • Haru no Yume Japanese Restaurant
    Haru No Yume

    Haru no Yume means 'Dream of Spring'. An authentic Japanese cuisine that provides new styles of...

  • Viet Flames
    Viet Flames

    Nestled in the heart of Victoria Park Market, Viet Flames shares their deep passion for Vietnamese...

  • The Oakroom
    The Oakroom

    Situated in Victoria Park Market and in one of Auckland's most historic and treasured landmarks.

  • The Brewers Co-operative & Hashery
    The Brewers Co-operative

    The Brewers Co-operative is a freehouse promoting beer brewed by New Zealand craft brewers. 

  • Express Lunch Menu at Tom tom Bar & Eatery

    We've discovered an incredible lunch offering that will solve all your lunch woes.

  • Hansik Restaurant & Bar
    Hansik Restaurant & Bar

    Hansik on Drake Street offers delicious and authentic Korean BBQ. 

  • Tom Tom Bar & Eatery
    Tom Tom Bar & Eatery

    Tom Tom Bar & Eatery has it all - distinct seating areas for various menu offerings, a vibrant...

  • iVillage at Victoria
    iVillage at Victoria

    iVillage offers absolutely delicious and authentic Indian food for a fabulous night out. 

  • The Birdcage
    The Birdcage Tavern

    The Birdcage, located in Victoria Park is the place to enjoy delicious rustic food, drinks and...