The Seafood Kitchen

Elliott Stables
$25 for a 2 course dinner or lunch.

2 courses: options include kokonda fish marinated in lemon juice, coconut cream with capsicum, cucumber and boat of green mussels cooked in island aromatic spices with toasted baguette


The Seafood Kitchen style is a unique fusion of Kiwi, European and Island flavours. 

Coconut is a prominent ingredient on The Seafood Kitchen's menu, adding an Island twist to many dishes including soups, salads and stews. 

Their seafood platter won't disappoint. Also, try out their scrumptious seafood stir fries, grilled lobster in mornay sauce or crispy hapuka served with sweet and sticky pork.  

The Seafood Kitchen also serves kokonda, one of Fiji's famous specialties. This light dish is raw fish marinated in lemon juice served with coconut cream. Similar to Peruvian ceviche, it is a great start to a meal. 

Inspired by their shared love of seafood, The Seafood Kitchen is the brain child of Marshniel Mudaliar and her husband. 

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