Ottoman Mezze Lounge

Traditional and modern Ottoman cuisine at Queen's Rise

Located in Queen's Rise, a trendy laneway-style dining precinct behind an iconic heritage facade, Ottoman Mezze Lounge brings elevated Turkish-inspired flavours to the heart of the city.

The menu reflects the culinary diversity of the regions, from the very traditional to the contemporary, from village dishes to the creations of the high Ottoman kitchens of the past.

At Ottoman, you can enjoy an unforgettable Turkish feast featuring a mezze platter with freshly-baked Tirkish breads, flavoursome chicken mahmudiye with apricot, currants and almonds and stunning crown melon dolma stuffed with beef and lamb mince, rice, herbs, pistachios and currants - a must-try on this.beautiful menu.

With an emphasis on shared dining, this beautiful eatery is perfect for breakfast, long lunches, drinks with friends or an after-show dinner.

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125 Queen Street


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