The Maori Kitchen

Traditional hāngi on Queen's Wharf

Queens Wharf is welcoming Auckland's first in-ground Hāngi shop open to public seven days a week.

Trained chef and hāngi master, Rewi Spraggon, will be serving up traditional hāngi at The Maori Kitchen on Queens Wharf.

They will have their own Hāngi pits on site so you can be part of this 1000 year old tradition.

What is Hangi?

Traditionally, Māori cooked in a pit under the ground in ovens called 'Hāngi'. In traditional Hāngi cooking, food such as fish and chicken, and root vegetables such as kumara (sweet potato), are cooked in a pit dug in the ground.

The menu feature traditional hāngi, breakfast wraps, hāngi pies, and gourmet hāngi sandwiches. Head down to Queens Wharf to get your hands on your very own traditional hāngi.

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The Maori Kitchen
89 Quay Street
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Sun 7.30am-4.00pm
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