Hugo's Bistro

All-Day European-Style Bistro on Shortland Street

The new all-day bistro is bringing a sophisticated European vibe to the heart of the city.

The creators of Odettes have transformed a compact inner city space in a historic building on Shortland Street into a stunning eatery serving European classics with a modern twist. 

The space beautifully captures the bustling inner city vibe with the decor achieving a perfect balance of soft and hard textures. The Bistro's slick and warm feel offers city dwellers a respite from their everyday busyness.

Offering an 'Earlier' and 'Later' menu devised by Head Chef Emile Bennington, Hugo's covers all your dining needs. You can also enjoy your meal with a glass of curated European and New Zealand wines.

A newcomer not to be missed, Hugo's Bistro will undoubtedly win your heart and taste buds. 

Check Out Hugo's Bistro's Latest Menus:
Earlier (before 12pm)
Later (from 12pm)

Images by Anna Kidman.

Contact details

67 Shortland Street
Opening hours: 
Mon 7.00am-3.00pm
Tue 7.00am-Late
Wed 7.00am-Late
Thu 7.00am-Late
Fri 7.00am-Late
Sat 5.00pm-Late