OKO Dessert Kitchen

Simply stunning sweet treats

OKO (Maori for bowl) presents desserts that are true works of art, designed and crafted just for you by a world class patisserie team. 

We love to pop into OKO for a 3pm pick me up, delicious cocktails after dinner or something sweet before a show. 

A key philosophy with OKO is that natural, fresh ingredients are always favoured over easy stabilisers or inorganic produce - there are no shortcuts taken. From this love of local, fresh and flavourful ingredients comes a spirit of experimentation and constant menu refreshing, for example their foray into the marriage of chocolate and cheese. 

The influence of New Zealand and the natural environment becomes immediately apparent when surveying the OKO menu. What we enjoyed at our visit was the open kitchen that allowed us to see brilliant dessert chefs craft each dessert to perfection. An exciting part of the preparation process are the techniques used by OKO's chefs to achieve remarkable feats, our favourite from the inspiring menu is Balloon which produces it's own smoke for a mysterious and captivating dessert experience.

Every day, from 12pm onwards, head to OKO to try their delicious Belgian waffles.

Click here for the full menu. 

Contact details

291-297 Queen St
+64 9 365 2668
Opening hours: 
Sun 10.00am-Late
Mon 10.00am-Late
Tue 10.00am-Late
Wed 10.00am-Late
Thu 10.00am-Late
Fri 10.00am-Late
Sat 10.00am-Late