Chez Marcel

New creperie on Vulcan Lane

Welcome to Chez Marcel, a new little french crêperie situated on Upper Vulcan Lane.

Owned by the same man behind Le Chef, Edouard le Goff and his team will welcome you with a warm "Bonjour" which captures the friendly atmosphere that we all already know and love from the charming street. 

Head Chef Fabien Bravo puts all his heart and art in making the best and authentic crêpes and galettes using cheeses and charcuterie ingredients imported straight from France.

The menu features an array of galettes (savoury crêpes) and sweet crêpes. From 'La 4 fromages', four cheeses to 'La Biquette', goat cheese, honey and mint or "La Montagnarde', potatoes, cheeses, bacon, there is a variety of different options for every taste.

The sweet tooth will love "La Tatin'- a crêpe wrapped around caramelised apples and cinnamon, served with caramel ice cream, grilled almonds and a side of whipped cream

Contact details

Chez Marcel
35 Vulcan Lane
Opening hours: 
Tue 12.00pm-9.30pm
Wed 12.00pm-9.30pm
Thu 12.00pm-9.30pm
Fri 12.00pm-9.30pm
Sat 10.00am-9.30pm