White's & Co

A delicious soft-serve yoghurt store in Britomart

Tucked away in the heart of Atrium on Takutai, White’s & Co. is a soft-serve yoghurt store in a league of its own, offering healthy, delicious options for dessert, breakfast or a snack.

White’s products are made using the all-natural yoghurt made famous by gourmet dairy brand The Collective. It’s dished up as the freshest soft-serve, as sundaes and in cones, in a choice of four flavours: perennial favourites vanilla, chocolate, berry and mango.

Decadent toppings range from fresh seasonal fruit, nuts and granola to fruit syrups, curds and compotes. Or – if you want to balance out all that yoghurt-eating virtue – fudge, handmade lollies and meringue. Also on offer are fresh yoghurt ‘smoovies’ and parfaits of fruit, yoghurt and granola.

All that makes White’s the perfect place to stop by when you’re in the mood for a sweet treat or for a quick breakfast or a pick-me-up on the go.

Contact details

44 Te Ara Tahuhu Walkway
+64 9 365 2244
Opening hours: 
Sun 11.00am-5.30pm
Mon 7.00am-5.30pm
Tue 7.00am-5.30pm
Wed 7.00am-5.30pm
Thu 7.00am-5.30pm
Fri 7.00am-5.30pm
Sat 10.00am-5.30pm