The matcha craze has found a home on Lorne Street

TSUJIRI has become a household name in Japan for its high-quality matcha tea and matcha-infused desserts. 

Since ancient times, matcha tea has been known to have health benefits including anti-aging and anti-cancerous effects.

Green tea is rich in Vitamin A, C, E, Beta carotene and Catechin that helps to burn calories quicker.

From matcha cappuccino and tea to delicious sundaes and soft serves to matcha cakes and shaved ice, this dessert destination will offer something for every taste.

Contact details

10-14 Lorne Street
Opening hours: 
Sun 11.00am-10.00pm
Mon 11.00am-10.00pm
Tue 11.00am-10.00pm
Wed 11.00am-10.00pm
Thu 11.00am-10.00pm
Fri 11.00am-10.00pm
Sat 11.00am-10.00pm