Shaky Isles

Putting the (serious) fun into Coffee

Auckland's Shaky Isles, Britomart is part of a new vanguard picking up on older styles of coffee making and using modern techniques to improve on efforts from days gone by. Still doing great espresso, Shaky Isles has also recently started offering syphon, cold drip and filter coffee.

A great way to appreciate specialty single origin blends, these methods produce a cleaner tasting and more flavourful cup. It has also started bringing in some of the very best (and expensive) coffee the world has to offer - very small batches of low-yield single origin beans.

To complement the new brews, there's a menu covering breakfast, brunch and lunch and featuring modern interpretations of classic Kiwi dishes we all grew up with using the highest quality local, organic and free-range ingredients wherever possible.

So drop into the Britomart Shaky Isles any time of the day and you’ll find them open, amped and ready to serve up some seriously good hospitality.

Contact details

22 Customs St E
+64 9 377 9310
Opening hours: 
Sun 8.00am-4.00pm
Mon 7.30am-3.00pm
Tue 7.30am-3.00pm
Wed 7.30am-3.00pm
Thu 7.30am-3.00pm
Fri 7.30am-3.00pm
Sat 8.00am-4.00pm