on High Street

Sitting right on High Street is a brand new café perfect for coffee, breakfast and a delicious lunch. 

On our first visit we were delighted by the unique mix of fresh French patisseries, delicious espresso coffees, a hearty burger menu and Sulbing - a Korean shaved ice dessert. 

Our pick from the very tempting lunch menu would have to be the Chinese Burgers or Rou Jia Mo. Don’t leave Fresh without trying the five spice pork marinated burger – the meat is stewed for 10 hours in a mouthwatering marinade packed with spices and seasonings. 

To finish, there's nothing better than cooling off with one of Korea's most popular desserts. The shaved milk ice in a Sulbing is incredibly light and you can choose from toppings such as fresh fruit, authentic injeolmi powder (Korean rice cake), and Azuki beans.  

The best part about this new central city eatery is that all extra food is donated to the Excess Food Rescues Charity

With locally grown, organic ingredients and fair trade products used where ever possible, it's easy to stop in to Fresh every day of the week for guilt-free, delicious fare. 


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60 High Street