Custom Lane

8 Customs Street East

The central city has welcomed a new development inspired by cities like Melbourne and San Francisco - Custom Lane. 

Custom Lane incorporates a stylish urban environment and an exciting dining experience. The design brings together eclectic street art elements, a sense of adventure and a live wall to add some greenery to the urban landscape.

From Wednesday to Friday, treat yourself to an excellent Orb coffee and a delectable Doornut doughnut. There is a range of unique flavours on offer from a traditional doughnut with Frangelico creme, Valrhona chocolate ganache, smashed hokey pokey and chocolate pearls cheekily called #FML (aka, Frangelico my life!) to the indulgent Sass with salted caramel cheesecake, Russian fudge, cheesecake crumbs and a tart raspberry finish. 

If you're after a quick lunch on-the-go, try one of Custom Lane's baguettes or sandwiches. 

Later in the day the cafe is converted into a bar serving delicious cocktails and nibbles. 

The cocktail menu is divided into four sections to suit a variety of tastes and moods: Clean and Fresh, Smoke and Spice, Sweet and Sour, and Rich and Decadent. The definite must-tries are the Tamarillo Fizz with cognac and tamarillo ginger lime, and Divinity with cognac espresso salted caramel, Nutella cream and nutmeg.

Custom Lane will help to get you started for the day and is also perfect for those after work social engagements.

Contact details

8 Customs Street East
Opening hours: 
Mon 6.00am-2.00pm
Tue 6.00am-2.00pm
Wed 6.00am-2.00pm
Thu 6.00am-10.00pm
Fri 6.00am-10.00pm