Amano Bakery

Discover this Britomart bakery

Katherine Lowe shares her visit to Amano Bakery...

Bread is versatile, it's filling, it's delicious. It is hard to beat the smell and taste of a hot ciabatta loaf with a smear of butter. Bread is your pizza base. Bread is croutons. Bread is sandwiches and rolls and toast with toppings. 

Amano is more than just a bakery. It's coffee made with macadamia nut milk (if that's how you like it), feathery croissants and steel cut oat porridge and hot toast with toppings (think house-made cultured butter, mushrooms, balsamic garlic, and soft egg).

Smashed meatball and mozzarella or poached trevalley, fennel and salsa verde sandwiches, seasonal cold pressed juices and warmed in the oven pizza slices (the courgette, pancetta and stracciatella option I can vouch for); light, filled doughnuts, golden pastries, lemon tarts and all sorts of sweet delights that I cannot pronounce ("Dacquoise Gateaux" anyone?).

This place is perfect for city dwellers - and anyone else who's hungry. 

Image by Katherine Lowe

Contact details

Britomart Place
09 394 1416
Opening hours: 
Sun 6.30am-4.00pm
Mon 6.30am-5.00pm
Tue 6.30am-5.00pm
Wed 6.30am-5.00pm
Thu 6.30am-5.00pm
Fri 6.30am-5.00pm
Sat 6.30am-4.00pm