• Landscapes - Gow Langsford Gallery, Lorne Street

    Karl Maughan and Dick Frizzell combine at Gow Langsford Gallery Lorne Street to revisit a...

  • Carving Water, Painting Voice at New Zealand Maritime Museum
    Carving Water, Painting Voice

    Sculpture, music, poetry and topology creatively collide in this installation at the New Zealand...

  • Traditional Meets Contemporary at Kura Gallery
    Traditional Meets Contemporary

    This showcase presents mahi that acknowledges the past and the present of the creative continuum.  

  • The Walters Prize 2018
    The Walters Prize 2018

    New Zealand's contemporary art award, the Walters Prize returns to the Gallery in 2018 for its...

  • The Poignancy Of Absence at Gow Langsford Kitchener Street
    The Poignancy Of Absence

    This exhibition explores the motif of the now extinct New Zealand Huia bird.  

  • Secret World of Butterflies at The Auckland Museum
    Secret World of Butterflies

    Secret World of Butterflies features thousands of butterflies from the Shannon Collection, on...

  • Evanescent Monuments by Chris Corson-Scott
    Evanescent Monuments

    Explore a rich suite of Chris Corson-Scott’s new photographs that call our attention to the past...

  • Auckland Art Gallery The Corsini Collection
    Lovebite #16 First Trip Abroad

    This private art collection had never left Florence, until now.

  • Fingers Annual Group Show
    Fingers Annual Group Show

    Enjoy a feast of innovative and original hand-made pieces from a broad selection of New Zealand’s...

  • Flight Plan at Auckland Art Gallery
    Flight Plan

    Flight Plan shows the role of perspective in the representation of time, light, motion, land and...

  • Wāhine Take Action at Central City Library
    Wāhine Take Action

    Central City Library is celebrating 125 years since New Zealand women led the way to the polling...

  • Iris, Iris, Iris by Dane Mitchell, on display at Auckland Art Gallery
    Iris, Iris, Iris

    Iris, Iris, Iris is a solo exhibition by New Zealand’s representative to the 2019 Venice Biennale,...

  • Stephen Romer at Artweek 2018
    Stephan Romer

    Stephan Romer brings the world's landscapes to us as we‘ve rarely seen before. 

  • The Māori Portraits
    The Māori Portraits

    Explore the work of one of New Zealand’s most prolific portrait painters of the late 19th and early...

  • Gordon Walters: New Vision
    Gordon Walters: New Vision

    A major retrospective of one of New Zealand’s foremost modern artists.