The Parasol & Swing Company

A Cocktail Bar in the Heart of the Viaduct

The Parasol & Swing Company is cocktail bar with a stellar drinks menu and food offering designed by a top Auckland chef in the heart of the Viaduct.

Over two levels, with a rooftop bar overlooking Viaduct basin, it features a host of Auckland's best Hospitality experts coming together to create something special. The team from the 2017 Lewisham Awards best bar, Mea Culpa, have created the drinks menu with current staff. Chef Mark Southon of O'Connell Street Bistro has created the menu inspired by California and Singapore's new wave of shared dining fusion eateries with burgers and waffles. The award winning design company, Paul Izzard Design have created the space.

The concept behind the bar is a tribute to the industry itself with a history and story that goes back to the mid 19th century, told through a beautiful cocktail menu, designed by the Wonder Group and uniquely illustrated by a renowned Montreal based tattoo artist Angus Byers.

The bar team will include 2017 Rhumbellion Cocktail Competition Global Champion Jason Rosen, 2013 Beam Bar Legend National Champion Adam Neal, former UK Gin Ambassador Sean Cavanagh, and a variety of local and international talent eager to make their mark in Auckland.

To have a location like this, that is combining international competition calibre craft cocktails, boutique wine producers, grower champagnes, and craft beers all in front of the best view of the Viaduct any bar has to offer will be a new and unique experience.

Contact details

Viaduct Harbour
Opening hours: 
Sun 12.00pm-1.00am
Mon 12.00pm-1.00am
Tue 12.00pm-1.00am
Wed 12.00pm-2.00am
Thu 12.00pm-2.00am
Fri 12.00pm-3.00am
Sat 12.00pm-3.00am