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Simple, elegant, delicious

Le Chef on Victoria Street West has now closed. 

Le Chef has a simple ethos, to make brilliant French food that is fresh, delicious and classic. The space is lively and bright with an open kitchen to highlight the masterful chefs behind it all. 

Enjoy some delicious wine and watch as Le Chef makes an authentic French meal for you. 

The menu of Le Chef is an ever evolving one, taking advantage of fresh produce as it's in season. On their first edition menu you'll find the likes of pork filet mignon with honey mustard a l’ancienne and salmon blanquette in a creamy sauce with carrots and spring onions. Along with this there is also a bountiful selection of filled baguettes, pastries and tartines for brunch and other expertly crafted French dishes for lunch. 

Vegetarians will also find plenty of options, with a tasty fried quinoa dish topped with fresh veggies being one of our favourites. It's also promised that patrons with special dietary requirements will be catered for and the chef always makes sure the larger plates include a thoughtful vegetarian option.

The salmon blanquette at Le Chef

If you're looking for an after work stop over then head to Le Chef to indulge in their selection of fine wines from all over France with a plate of creamy, decadent French cheeses. 

The wines at Le Chef you just have to try: 

  • Boizel Brut Reserve NV​
    For a seductive, fruity and well balanced champagne try the Boizel. 
  • Metz Cuvee Anne-Laure 2013
    Order this white wine to experience one of the smoothest Pinot Gris flavours we've ever tasted. This brilliant Pinot is crisp, lively and very easy to devour.
  • Château Sixtine Manus Dei 2012
    The perfect red for when you're in the mood for an inky ruby wine with liqueur- like black and blue fruit aromas. This is a wine that will have you blushing and will transport you straight to the South of France. 

Enjoy a variety of mouth-watering wines at Le Chef from all over France. 

Contact details

137 Victoria St W
+64 22 430 4803
Opening hours: 
Mon 7.00am-9.00pm
Tue 7.00am-9.00pm
Wed 7.00am-9.00pm
Thu 7.00am-9.00pm
Fri 7.00am-9.00pm
Sat 8.00am-10.00pm