Holey Moley Golf Club

The adventure filled, grown-up playground

Holey Moley, a golf club concept that has already taken Australia by storm, brings its distinctive style of fun in the form of a multi-sensory labyrinth mini golf course, combined with an extensive range of drinks (including lolly themed cocktails) and delicious food. 

The venue sprawls two storeys and boasts 27 themed golf holes. Live DJs perform while two bars will serve the best craft beers and mouth-watering cocktails. In-between rounds and hydration breaks, a full-service kitchen boasts a menu of burgers, loaded fries and bar snacks, fit to refuel the hungriest of clubbers.

Providing Instagram-worthy backdrops and drool-worthy treats, Holey Moley is perfect for a unique, hilarious night out with friends. 

If you just Wanna Dance With Somebody, Holey Moley has the solution. Their new private karaoke room that will ensure you have the Time of your Life. This isn’t your usual karaoke room that has you Dancin’ In The Dark in a dingy basement somewhere, this one features large windows that actually overlook the viaduct harbour, with $10 cocktails to match! An hour of karaoke for up to 20 people will set you back $80.


Contact details

204 Quay Street
0800 727 833
Opening hours: 
Sun 10.00am-Late
Mon 11.00am-Late
Tue 11.00am-Late
Wed 11.00am-Late
Thu 11.00am-Late
Fri 11.00am-1.00am
Sat 10.00am-1.00am