Archived: Tiresias

As part of Auckland Fringe Festival

Tiresias may be blind, but he has seen more than you or I if we lived six life times. 

When Hera rips out his eyes, Zeus grants Tiresias a gift more precious than a thousand burning torches in the darkness — he is given the gift to predict the future. A forerunner of fortune or a man who is helpless to what he has seen? The play follows Tiresias' journey as he lives through renowned Greek myths and legends. 

Mythical stories hold wonderful wisdom and Tiresias carries over 600 years’ worth. Heady conduct have been curious to explore what it is to be both blind and seeing, woman and man, prophet and beggar for modern society who are striving for equality. As he contemplates his fate, Tiresias’ tale will thrill, shock and inspire.

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Q Theatre
305 Queen Street
27 February - 2 March