Archived: Mrs Warren’s Profession

By George Bernard Shaw

“There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses.”

So says Mrs Warren, a genial yet formidable woman, whose clever young daughter Vivie has just graduated from university. However, when Vivie discovers that her expensive education was funded by her mother’s earnings from a string of brothels, Vivie’s thoroughly modern worldview is thrown into tumult. Was her mother ever married? Who is her father? Could she be about to marry her own half-brother? With so many mysteries to solve and truths to tell, the two women sit down for a mother – daughter discussion neither will ever forget.

Written in 1893, George Bernard Shaw’s play was originally banned by the censors for its subject matter and the hypocrisies it exposed. What continues to shock is how old taboos stay topical and how little things have changed. Celebrated New Zealand theatre-maker Eleanor Bishop returns from New York to direct her own version of this rarely-performed classic that takes a contemporary lens to centuries- old questions of sexuality and empowerment.

Join Mrs Warren for a liberating evening of smart comedy, social commentary and sophisticated scandal.

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ASB Waterfront Theatre
138 Halsey Street
1 - 16 May 2018