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Part of Auckland Arts Festival 2017

Horror is a creepily fantastical live show that pays homage to the horror-movie genre. Unfolding before frightened eyes, the stage show that references spine-chillers like The Ring, Evil Dead and The Exorcist is ingeniously gruesome, strangely poetic and pee-your-pants funny.

A woman returns with two friends to her parental home. The house is haunted by a tragic family event and no one knows what happened to the woman’s older sister. Her vengeful spirit eventually appears, though, and the past re-emerges: the cruel parents, the crushed youth. The youngest sister is brutally confronted with the hidden past and the only way to survive is to face the terrible truth.

Swedish-born theatre maker Jakop Ahlbom’s shows garner rave reviews and play to sell-out houses everywhere they go. In Horror, he uses special effects to truly surprise - blood spurts up to the ceiling, a dismembered hand crawls, wailing as it goes, across the floor.

A major hit in its recent UK season, Horror sees Ahlbom unleashing his imagination using special effects that have rarely been seen in theatre. It is sinister, chilling, comical, messy, absurd…and brilliant.

Don't miss Horror at The Civic from 21 to 26 March as part of Auckland Arts Festival 2017.





Contact details

The Civic
Queen Street & Wellesley Street
21 - 26 March 2017
Tickets from $35