$30 (booking fees may apply)
Nowhere! Festival

Aotearoa's premiere festival of adventurous and avant-garde sonics is bringing incredible acts of off-kilter experimentation to Silo Park.

Embark on an 8 hour marathon in the unique acoustics of the silos on Auckland's waterfront featuring ensembles and new works produced specifcally for the site.

Nowhere! Festival Lineup
- Essential 5th Elements Brass Band – a 20 piece brass ensemble of beginner brass players 
- Orchestra of Snares – yup, all snare drums! 
- Slaxative – an ensemble of saxophones, some large, others small, all loud and proud 
- Some Stringent Strings – double basses, cellos, violins, violas, together, as one, on the up bow
- K Group, Empirical, Richard Francis, Rosy Parlane – solo sets by legends of NZ experimental music 
- Bruce Russell/Peter Porteous/Tom Rodwell – heavy noise guitar trio
- Reuben Derrick – improvised woodwind music meets soundscape composition: environments as musical systems 
- Susanna Ferrar – violinist extraordinaire / London-based NZ expat and regular fixture in the London Improvisors Orchestra 
- Chronic Fatigue Sindrome – occult-duo of Andrew McLeod and Liz Maw, play the pain and fatigue of the musical doom disease while the disease plays us 
- Stephen Bain – now based in Brussels, Bain one of NZ's leading makers of experimental / idiosyncratic theatre 
- Campbell James Kneale – internationally renowned sound artist, a prolific recording artist and performer and relentless collaborator

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Last updated: 12 June 2019