Archived: Nepal Festival

One Country, Many Stories

Come with your friends and families to Nepal Festival 2018. 

It's great news for food lovers, families, kids, festival goers and anyone who is planning a trip to Nepal, want to dance in Nepalese traditional and contemporary music and enjoy the street style dine - Nepal Festival 2018 is sure to give you that mini Nepal experience for one day this summer.

It's a free, friendly and fantastic outdoor festival with an objective to showcase Nepal and it's diversity of food, art, and culture.

Enjoy the varieties of Nepalese flavours from the best local vendors and experience the real taste of Nepalese cuisine, that is so much more than momo (traditional Nepalese dumplings).

You can expect world-famous Aloo Ko Achar (Spicy Potato Salad) and Sel Roti (rice bread doughnut) combo, sekuwa (meat roasted in natural wood fire prepared in traditional Nepalese style), wai-wai sadheko (google both these terms) and many more.

Treat yourself with soothing traditional Nepalese music by none other than Kutumba (the main act) which is an instrumental folk Nepalese band that uses only traditional musical instruments.

You can also get a first-hand experience of various Nepalese handicrafts and buy your loved ones some authentic souvenirs from the stalls.


Contact details

Aotea Square
50 Mayoral Drive
17 November 2018, 12pm - 6pm