Boozy Brunch

at Tom Tom Eatery

Let's do the Brunch right way!

Overlooking stunning Victoria Park, Tom Tom Bar and Eatery's rooftop makes you feel as though you are living the high-life which has made this eatery a crowd favourite.  For just $50, TomTom serves up a classic brunch menu consisting of traditional English breakfast, a selection of bagels and omelettes and vanilla pancakes served with berries, cream and maple syrup.

To top it all off, you can choose from Boozy Drinks - prosecco, mimosas, screwdriver or non-alcoholic drinks! The Good News is they are now serving Wine in your Favourite Boozy Brunch...

So, what better way to spend your weekend than at Tom Tom Bar and Eatery? Revel in fine drinks, exquisite dishes, and indulgent desserts, all at $50


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Tom Tom Bar & Eatery
27 Drake Street