Archived: Binge Culture's Happy Hour

As part of Auckland Fringe Festival 2018

No-one said having fun was easy. Hire a 20 minute audio-guide and your new rent-a-friend will help steer the good ship ‘You’ into the wild ocean of the night.

Pick up a device from the box office anytime from 5:30pm til close. With Binge Culture it’s always Happy Hour.

20 Mins. Collect a headset from box office to begin.

Happy Hour is part of the One on One series at Auckland Fringe Festival, a series of artistic encounters all designed to be performed to just one audience member. You might hear confessions, return to the womb or have a night out, but as different as these unforgettable experiences are each one is safe, guided, and created on the spot, just for you.

Contact details

Basement Theatre
Lower Greys Avenue
20 February - 3 March 2018
$5 on the door