Archived: The Resettlement Portraits

As part of Auckland Festival of Photography

An exhibition by Nando Azevedo and the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) celebrating the strength, resilience, taonga tuku iho and mana of Aotearoa New Zealand's resettled community.

Every year Aotearoa New Zealand receives intakes of humanitarian migrants under the United Nations resettlement quota, asylum seekers and family reunification programmes. A lot of misinformation and fear surrounds this process, and little is known about the people who are coming to restart their lives in this country.

This project is run by the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) in order to expose New Zealanders to the wealth and diversity of these cultures.

Nando Azevedo is a social documentary photographer/ filmmaker and the Communications Coordinator for ARCC. His images focus on the positive human aspect of situations while avoiding cliches. His mission is to change the way people see the world and their relationship with others and his true passion is in social documentary as he believes it has the power to change people’s perceptions.

The ARCC advocates on behalf of the resettled humanitarian migrant communities of Auckland. It promotes a sustainable, integrated resettlement approach that maintains the cultural identities of former refugees and allows them to thrive in their new home country.

Image Credit: Nando Azevedo

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Central City Library
44/46 Lorne Street
2 - 20 June 2018


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