8 - 23 May 2019
ASB Season of The Audience

Deep inside Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II has held an ‘audience’ – a weekly one-on-one meeting with her prime minister – since 1952. These conversations, bound by a contract of silence, have never been recorded or disclosed.

From Peter Morgan, screenwriter of The Queen and creator of Netflix’s The Crown, this electrifying play boldly imagines what is spoken behind closed doors. Face to face with the likes of Churchill, Thatcher and Cameron, we witness the Queen acting as confidante and sounding board, but also holding her own in discussions of explosive passion and candour, all the while sharing her intimate fears and desires across six decades of rule.

Get up close and personal with this magnificent role, first performed by Helen Mirren and now our own theatre royalty, Theresa Healey, alongside a who’s who of political game changers, in an international stage sensation where being part of the audience is a privileged position.

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Last updated: 12 June 2019