Archived: 999: Alchemist Trauma Centre / Power Centre

a feminist meditation, poetic activist activation

999 is a “feminist meditation, poetic activist activation”, shaking the foundations of belief systems at the intersection of East and West, technological and organic, in a way that has been described as “punk”.

It offers humour and insight into the struggling, chaotic global conditions of our time from a subjective perspective, by provocatively questioning our shifting foundations in this capitalist era transnationally and finding a new way to be present amidst the confused, but generative tension within inter-sectionality.

It was born in India on a residency Alexa curated at Morni Hills in the Himalayas in 2017.

999 was Creative NZ funded to perform internationally and write alongside the project, and has been performed at multiple venues in Berlin, London, India's Morni Hills Performance Biennale and Performance Art Week Aotearoa (PAWA) in Wellington 2018.

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