Archived: Cudo

Part of Tempo Dance Festival 2017

CUDO (Latin): to beat, strike or forge.

Created by Momentum Productions (Out of the Box, All That) and Malia Johnston (Movement of The Human, Meremere, Rushes, World of Wearable Art), CUDO is an exciting urban mixture of beats, mechanical movement, AV and sound technology.

CUDO takes the constructs of urban contemporary dance and enhances them with sound and visuals to draw the audience into the minds of beat makers and beat breakers.

The cast creates and reacts to live music production made with tap dancing feet and percussive bodies in space. Manipulated real-time graphic visuals allow the cast to expand on choreographic concepts creating a conversation between mediums.

Acrobatic, robotic and liquid hip-hop hybrid movement push the boundaries and explore the vast possibilities of bodies in space and time.

This electrifying new work features some of NZ’s top urban and contemporary dancers including members of internationally acclaimed hip-hop crew Identity Dance Company, the Cesan Brothers and Matthew Moore.

Proudly sponsored by Suzanne Smith and Bruce McClintock.

Contact details

Q Theatre
305 Queen Street
$25.50 - $40 plus booking fee