Unlocked Collections

Guided Art Tours Of Art That Is Usually Hidden Away

Discover the incredible art that is usually hidden away behind closed doors or in areas you have not noticed in the city’s corporate towers, institutions and public buildings. 

Wallace Arts Trust Collection at Auckland Council on 8 & 9 October (BOOKED OUT)

Spark Art Trust Collection on 10 & 12 October (BOOKED OUT)

BNZ Collection on 9 & 10 October (BOOKED OUT)

Chapman Tripp & ANZ Centre Collection on 12 October (BOOKED OUT)

Mixing Business with Pleasure on 8 & 11 October (BOOKED OUT)

Auckland University Science Centre Art Tour on 11 & 12 October

Behind the Scenes: Conservation Tour at Auckland Art Gallery on 10 October

Bookings Essential and Free*
*unless otherwise stated. Maximum 3 per person

Banner Photo Credit (left to right): Don Binney, VRI Tokatoka, 1982, BNZ Collection; Emily Karaka_Untitled (No. 10)_1985_Credit Collection of the Wallace Arts Trust​; James Ormsby, Exam, 2013, Collection of the Wallace Arts Trust.​

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