Vector Lights for Matariki Festival 2018

The one of a kind light show that is bringing Auckland Harbour Bridge to life
13 April, 2018

Vector Lights joins Matariki Festival to celebrate the Maori New Year. Gather with family and friends as the shining lights and sounds of nature take you on a journey; reflecting on the past, celebrating the present and looking ahead to the future.

As iwi manaaki (host iwi) for Matariki Festival 2018, Te Kawerau a Maki collaborate with the Vector Lights Project to tell the story of their ancestor, Maki, through the lighting of Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The show runs from 6:00pm until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, for 3 weeks, from 1 - 22 July. 

About Vector Lights

Vector Lights  is a world-first solar, battery and peer-to-peer powered Auckland Harbour Bridge light show that demonstrates a smarter way to power our city. 

Vector Lights will be programmed for special events throughout the year and subtly frame the architecture of the Harbour Bridge on every other night.

Find a great vantage point to watch, and BYO radio or smartphone to hear the synched music and sound that accompanies the amazing visual display, playing on Coast 105.4 FM and vector.co.nz/lights.