6 May, 2014

The Britomart Train Station is housed within Auckland's downtown based main Britomart building. The train platforms are underground with services for accessibility including lifts and escalators.

With bus services departing and arriving nearby the station is serviced well and is also close to the ferry terminal. 

Refer to the Auckland Transport website for schedules and news about services.

Electric trains

The additional trains added to Auckland Transport's fleet are a part of an upgrade to the system. The features which are improved include open gangways between train carriages, space under seats for luggage. Active from April 28 2014 these will be a welcome addition to Auckland omitting less sound, are energy-efficient, and operating a faster and more frequent service. Saving commuters 10 minutes between Papakura to Britomart it is expected to deliver more routine services.

The benefit is a faster service, and better for the environment. The implications might mean reducing congestion on the roads at peak hours with increased efficiency and frequency of public transport services.

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