Top 5 Frozen Treats

Our favourite desserts in the central city this summer
12 January, 2018

These warmer, lighter nights makes getting a frozen treat or dessert with a friend or loved one the perfect ending to your day. Within the heart of the city, we are absolutely spoilt for choice with an array of delicious sweet options on offer. Here are our picks for what to enjoy this summer.

Island Gelato Company | Ferry Building, 99 Quay Street
Gelato Brioche Sammies, $12

If the sound of having your gelato sandwiched between a hot buttery brioche is making your mouth water, then head over to the Ferry Building, where you will find the Island Gelato Company. This unique offering is topped with irresistible hot Belgian chocolate and the team at Island Gelato are so serious about the authenticity of this delectable treat, they had their Brioche Sammie presser specifically shipped from Italy.

Miann | 57 Fort Street & 36-38 Galway Street
Pavlova Gelato, $8

As soon as you walk through the doors of Miann, you are greeted with the fruity and chocolatey scents of their colourful creations. Made from premium ingredients, their sophisticated flavour combinations are presented with playfulness and charm. Although everything on offer is mouth-watering, we recommend their Pavlova Gelato, as a refreshing and summery treat.

Melt | 137 Quay Street
Ice Cream Macarons, $4 

Melt’s Ice Cream-Macaron hybrid is the ideal treat that adds a scoop of Kiwi flavour to a French favourite. Sitting inside macarons that melt on your tongue, you have an incredible range of ice cream flavours to choose from, like green tea and rum and raisin. Their take on an ice cream taco is also pretty up there on our list at the moment too.

Milse | 31 Tyler St
Bombe Alaska, $9

Nestled in a little shop on Tyler St you will find some of Auckland's most delectable frozen treats. With colourful cabinets and a fridge full of exquisite confections, any lover of sweet things will struggle to stay away. You can opt to dine in and experience their three-course dessert degustation or choose a stick gelato, verrine, gateau or macaron to take away. We suggest getting one of their well-loved Bombe Alaska’s to takeaway so you can make the most of the warmer weather.

Giapo | 12 Gore Street
Pani Puri, $12.50

Giapo is at the top of the list when it comes to enjoying an innovative gelato experience in the heart of the city and an absolute must try on their adventurous menu is their sweet take on the Indian street food pani puri.