The Sugar Club have just taken their cocktail game to a whole other level! 
Members of the Sugar Club kitchen team have created their own personal take on a liquid portrayals of NZ, drawing on our unique elements and natural surroundings that inspired them, built upon with ingredients that have delicious wow factors and tell a story.
Here are some of the cocktails available on the new 'Native' menu. 
Nau Mai Fix by Alex
Nau Mai Fix is a welcome to New Zealand. It derives from the first thing that Alex had to drink wheb she landed in New Zealand. Her Nana prepared soothing Kawakawa tea which relaxed and rejuvenated her after hours of travel. We wanted to recreate this experience so it could be enjoyed over and over. It features Seedlip Garden - Homestyle Lemonade - Kawakawa & Spearmint. 
KAMOTE by Maria
The Kamote tells a tale of family and tradition, we take on the idea of the childhood favourite "Halo-halo" and transform it into a unique pacific potion championing flavours like coconut & humble Kumara. It features Coconut Rum - Kumara coulis - Creole Bitters - Lemon. 
TIKITERE by Brennen
From Banff to Rotorua, the Tikitere is straight out of hells gate! Focusing on local produce high in sulphur content, we have concocted a drink that represents the creation of our land. A combination of cauliflower and soy helps to drive a truly unique deep dive into what we feel could only be described as the flavour of volcanic activity.  It features ”Cauli-nac” - Whole Dandelion Tea - Miso - Citrus - Cauliflower Pumice. 
Enjoy the new Native menu while taking in the breathtaking views of Auckland from 53 stories high.
For the full menu click here.
Last updated: 25 June 2019