The Sugar Club have just taken their cocktail game to a whole other level! 

Members of the Sugar Club kitchen team have created their own personal take on a liquid portrayals of NZ, drawing on our unique elements and natural surroundings that inspired them, built upon with ingredients that have delicious wow factors and tell a story.

Here is our highlights from the latest releases to the Sugar Clubs fantastic cocktail menu. Discover the Sugar Club bar as an experiential destination you won’t forget.

And if you didn’t already know, you can enjoy these cocktails without needing a restaurant booking. 


FAIRY TALE (Bright, Silky, Pink)
The idea comes from Danni’s childhood, when she used to pick blackberries with her grandma in her garden. Travelling she discovered how coconut can make amazing diverse flavours. Merging her origins with the experience around the world resulted in a magic potion that is Fairy Tale. Stolichnaya premium vodka, violette liqueur, coconut milk, blackberry


PACIFISTA (Bountiful, Crunchy, Cheerful)
The Pacifista is inspired by some of the main produce you can get in Mei’s homeland, Vietnam. With the combination of coconut, mango and the warm kick of dark rum, this is the typical cocktail you would like to have laying on a beautiful white sandy beach. It incarnates the idea of a perfect holiday. Plantation 5 year – Chestnut liqueur – Mango – coconut milk

Espresso martini

Cocktail classic - Espresso martini
Everyone loves a classic and in true Sugar Club fashion there’s something extra special about their Espresso Martini.

Check out the full menu here.

Make sure you check out the beautiful snack menu that’s the perfect addition to these cocktails. 

The Sugar Club Bar is open from 4pm, Monday - Tuesday & from 12pm, Wednesday - Sunday.

Last updated: 05 November 2019