Street Style - July

Photographed by Wallace Chapman
18 July, 2016

We're excited to introduce a brand new series of street style fashion from photographer Wallace Chapman. 

Watch out for his images each month, as he photographs the stylish, fashionable, eclectic, and interesting faces within the heart of the city, starting with the High Street area.

Kayla, photographed in Freyberg Square, wearing a coat from Tatty's.

Ben, in a suit from Farry's and Matt, in an outfit from Industrie, photographed in Durham Lane East. 

Anna, with a bag from Alexander Wang, photographed on Vulcan Lane. 

Luke, wearing ASOS top, Thing Thing pants, and Dr Marten's shoes, photographed in Freyberg Square.

Joshua, photographed in Jean Batten Place 

Jayden, photographed in Vulcan Lane


About Wallace 

Wallace Chapman has been doing street style photography since 2010. “Observing everyday people on the street has always held a fascination for me.” 
When not doing photography, Chapman is a Radio & TV broadcaster. 
His street style photographs are at