Storming the Coupe

A special Heart of the City cocktail
13 June, 2016

We caught up with the incredible Manager of Odettes Eatery - Poi Eruera to talk about the cocktail she designed with Storm & India for us. 

When you asked the head bartender, Gwilym to create the cocktail what did you say you wanted?

Poi: I said I wanted it to be tequila based and match my lipstick, preferably layered and served in a pretty glass. 

What are some key ingredients in this delicious cocktail? 

Poi: Definitely the Storm & India Berry Cassis Syrup which we cold brewed then blended with a little bit of coconut sugar. I also love how the cocktail is garnished with plum powder and flower petals. 

What is the name of the cocktail?

Poi: ‘Storming the Coupe’ - A cocktail that is designed to start the party while matching my lipstick (Mars by Colourpop incase you were wondering). 

Will this cocktail be available on the menu? 

Poi: Yes for the next two weeks, so come in and ask your waitress for the Heart of the City cocktail.