Archived: Spoil Yourself

A Lovebite Collection
27 July, 2017

This winter choose the central city as your destination for those special little things that make you feel amazing. Invest in a bespoke spa treatment, savour delicious raw dishes or experience the magic of haute ice cream.

We've selected several excellent purveyors of the most indulgent experiences that you should try.

The Facialist
77 Cook Street, City Works Depot

This discreet boutique clinic located in the City Works Depot is the place to get your next bespoke skin treatment. Treat yourself to one of Ashleigh's holistic facials and you will walk away feeling as beautiful as a geisha. 




The Raw Kitchen
90 Wellesley Street, City Works Depot

The Raw Kitchen is your primary destination to unwind and indulge in delicious breakfast cups, soups, smoothies, cold pressed juices and more. All food items are free of gluten, diary and refined sugar, and they have a great range of products that will appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike.


East Day Spa
123 Albert Street

With mystical aromas and luxurious candle-lit interiors, East Day Spa is a haven of calm where you'll feel most welcome whilst enjoying a quiet blend of ancient holistic healing and modern spa therapies. After your beautiful treatment your body will feel relaxed, your soul calm and your mind clear. 


Mezze Bar
9 Durham Street East

Order a special Moroccan green tee and it will be served on a gorgeous tea tray that the owners, Clare and Sal, brought from their extensive travels. Don't limit yourself to the tea though as Mezze Bar has a great range of tapas dishes to try.


12 Gore Street

Giapo is the home of the most decadent gelato creations in the central city. Think flavours such as Tiramasu, praline, smoky whiskey and chocolate and beyond, garnished with the likes of gold coated hazelnuts, torched meringue and spun sugar. If you're feeling especially indulgent, try their latest piece, Visio, the colossal squid.


The Gin Room
Upstairs, 12 Vulcan Lane

Step back in time to a world of glamour, sophistication and the alluring notion of a secret speakeasy at the Gin Room. Savour their well crafted cocktails made from the finest produce and liquor and soak in the welcoming vibe.