Sake at MASU

Discover the Diversity of Sake Culture
22 May, 2017

Congratulations to Fuminobu (Fumi) Nakatani, the manager of award-winning Japanese restaurant MASU at SKYCITY, on receiving an international qualification in sake from the London-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

WSET is a globally recongnised qualification accredited by the most prestigious global educators of wine and spirits. Fumi undertook his course in Melbourne and achieved the advanced level qualification with a distinction pass rate.

Fumi is excited to be sharing his knowledge about sake culture and make diners’ experience even more exciting.

The interest in this beverage has been growing steadily, and MASU has a great selection of sake, including some rare brands that are hard to find in New Zealand.

The classification of sake is based on the rice polishing ratio, which shows how much of the outer portion of rice has been removed. The ratio indicates if the sake is light, medium or full-bodied.

If you want to discover some new flavours of this beverage, Fumi suggests you try out the Toyo Bijin sake with a rice polishing ratio of 50%, meaning that half of the rice surface has been removed. This sake is light and packed with subtle melon and lychee flavours.

Sake is a great addition to a Japanese feast, and there are many ways to match it with different dishes.

The classical way is to combine lighter dishes like sashimi and salads with lighter sake with a higher rice polishing ratio. Heavier dishes with beef and seafood will go well with the more full-bodied sake with a lower rice polishing ratio.

Alternatively, you can choose to contrast the flavours. For instance, try matching spicy food with sweet sake for a different experience.

However, Fumi says that sake doesn’t fight with any food, so there are no hard matching rules. He likes to experiment with some unexpected combinations. One of his favourite ones is pizza accompanied by long-finish sake.

So don’t be afraid to explore the many variations of sake, and find the ones that you enjoy the most.