New at Milse

Delicious autumn offerings
4 April, 2016

If you've never stopped into the heavenly 'sugar temple' known as Milse then now is the time - this sophisticated dessert restaurant has just debuted a new autumn menu. 

Filled with seasonal fruits like sweet and tart feijoa and fresh quinces these new offerings are both works of art and spectacular to taste. 

Here are the new menu items we love at Milse this autumn. 

The cheesecake, quince and lime verrine 
This jar has a rich cheesecake base topped with a delightful quince puree and lime jelly - the perfect dessert for someone with a real sweet tooth. 

The white chocolate, Feijoa and salted caramel verrine
Combining a white chocolate brûlée​ with an olive oil sponge a sweet feijoa compote and a white chocolate crumble, this verrine is a beautiful marriage of textures and flavours.  

The cheesecake, quince and lime verrine with the white chocolate, feijoa and salted caramel verrine on the right.  

The Matcha Green Tea Gateaux 
Milse's cabinet menu is bursting with new cakes but our favourite would have to be the Matcha Green Tea, Orange and Sesame slice. 
This very pretty green gateaux is light and delicious - and we particularly enjoyed the combination of orange and Matcha flavours

Clockwise from top left: 62% Satilia, Salted Almond & Caramel, Quince, Macadamia & Mascarpone, 64% Kalingo, Passionfruit & Caramel, Matcha Green Tea, Orange & Sesame, 36% Caramelia, Toffee Apple & Walnut. 

New Macarons 

Sweet but lively this hot pink creation is perfection. 

Feijoa and Custard 
We wish we could eat this year round - sweet, tart and creamy. 

Manjari and Orange
An upgrade on the jaffa and your essential chocolate and orange dessert at Milse this season,