Archived: Lava Dining chef Nick Honeyman

Talks us through the new menu at Sofitel's restaurant
30 May, 2014

Lava Dining, a classic French restaurant at Sofitel Viaduct Harbour has been through a recent change of chefs. Ahead of Restaurant Month we’re really excited to be hearing from newly instated Nick Honeyman about the new menu he has created for the restaurant. He shared his love of cooking at Restaurant Month which allows him to keep "continuously experimenting and keeping diners on their toes" in his job.

"Food events are for foodies and this allows me to do the thing I love most... cooking for people that just love food!" 

Are there any vegetables which are ‘trending’ right now? We recall brussel sprouts being the hit last year and heard kohlrabi was going to be huge this year.

Kale... It's everywhere.

What were the inspirations when writing the new menu at Lava Dining?

I draw inspiration from everywhere. My own personal memories of food, experiences I have had and most predominantly from NZ’s produce.

What is your signature dish?

Salmon, vanilla and coconut… This dish has all my favourites in there with some really interesting textures.

It’s nice to see sashimi on the menu. Is there any convergence between the Asian techniques or style of cooking at Izakaya you have taken with you to your new posting?

My kitchen unites classic French and Japanese techniques, with a common goal of trying to get the best out of every product.

Do you think hotel dining is having its moment in Auckland?


Where would you take an overseas visitor in the Heart of the City? 

Federal Street.

What are your favourite events or attractions to enjoy in the central city?

Taste of Auckland in Victoria Park has by far been my favourite for the last couple years!

Where do you go on date night? What’s your favourite place for a quick coffee? And is there anything you could recommend off the beaten track (preferably still in the CBD)?

I cook at home for my wife on date night, drink 90% of my coffee at the Sofitel and would recommend a walk up to Auckland Museum on a clear night!