Stocking fillers are the icing on the cake. Fill your stockings this year with memorable gifts that are thoughtful as well as personal. Discover the wide variety of gift ideas in the heart of the city from locally produced goods to edible treats. Here are our top ideas. 


Sweet Spirited Cracker Duo, $20 | T2 | 87 Queen Street

Include an iconic flavoured tea in the stocking for brews that can be enjoyed cup after cup. The cracker holds both T2’s decadent eggnog brew and the delicious fruitcake cuppa. Take them on a nostalgic Christmas journey with these favourites.

Bohemian Fresh Chocolates

Marshmallow Snowman, $7.50 | Bohemein Fresh Chocolates | 12 O'Connell Street

Consisting of a caramelised white chocolate marshmallow, coated in a 53% dark chocolate shell, this year’s Christmas treat is a long awaited creation. Bohemein Fresh Chocolates is known for their award winning Chocolate Marshmallow Fish, and the Snowman is no exception.

Smith & Caughey's

Tea pairing honey collection, $19 | Smith and Caughey's | 261 Queen Street

Tea goes with honey just as wine goes with cheese. Explore this match made in heaven with a collection of honies that will expand your knowledge on tea pairing. The set features Beechwood Honeydew, Blue Borage and Manuka honey, so you can add a drop into your hot drink whether it’s a Chai Latte or a full bodied English Breakfast tea.

Yoyoso Bathing Tool

Bathing Tool, $3 | Yoyoso | 290 Queen Street

Top up the stocking filler with a bathing sponge - everyone needs one but not everyone has one. Made from non-toxic materials, the sponge is soft and easy to clean. Available in both pink and blue, there's an option for both him and her. 

East Day Spa

Collagen infused lip mask, $12 | East Day Spa | Skycity Grand Hotel 123 Albert Street

Leave their lips feeling plump, soft and moisturised with the collagen infused lip mask. The easy to use mask is the small pick-me-up they’ve long awaited these holidays. Made from all natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted chemicals.


Curated gift box, $40 | Scarecrow | 33 Victoria Street E

Scarecrow’s curated gift boxes has something for everyone; choose from the Coffee Lover box, Two for Tea box, Boys box, Bathing Beauty box, Treat Me Sweet box, Honey Pot box and the Treat Me Fine box. Each box is filled with sustainable, New Zealand made products that have been ethically sourced. Fill your stocking with these generous boxes or even make it your main gift -  you’ll be tempted to buy yourself one. 

Shut the Front Door

Tutti Frutti earrings, $29.99 | Shut the Front Door | 23 High Street

Add a dash of Christmas red into the stocking this year with the loveable Tutti Frutti earrings. The statement accessory makes for the perfect addition to any Christmas outfit. The sweet cherries hanging off the gold hoops are a vibrant way to start off the festivities.


Rinse Free Hand Wash, $49 | MECCA | 203 Queen St

Swedish perfumer, Byredo has developed another handbag essential with its rose scented rinse free hand wash from Mecca. Opening with hints of pink pepper and raspberry, and blossoming into a magnolia and rose heart, this luxurious stocking filler will leave hands feeling immediately clean and fresh.


Chocolate Christmas tree, $32 | Miann | 36 - 38 Galway Street

Do something new and replace the stocking this year with a Miann Christmas tree for a chocolate enthusiast’s dream. Decorated with edible treats and handmade from bean to bar, Miann’s delicious products are famous for their creamy and irresistible taste and texture. Alternatively, slip a few Miann Christmas tree and Snowmen cookies in the stocking for a traditional filler. 

Last updated: 25 December 2019