Auckland Fringe is a feistily independent open-access arts festival which runs in Auckland for a summery two weeks kicking off in late February. Open to anyone who wants to be involved, Auckland Fringe is all about inclusivity, celebration of otherness and having a dang good time in this wonderful city of ours.

This region-wide arts festival is the catalyst for the most exciting, outrageous and unique events in the Auckland cultural calendar. It’s a festival with bite, providing experiences to satisfy the most discerning of creative palates. There’s truly something for everyone to sink their teeth into.

Check out all the Auckland Fringe Festival performances in the central city below. For the full programme, click here

Dr Drama Makes a show

James Wenley is Dr Drama – he's a theatre lecturer and has a PhD, so he should know how to make a show... right? Join James for his most unconventional theatre class yet as he digs into dramaturgical and societal...

This Fragile Planet

Inspired by the delicacy of our ecosystems, our effect on mother earth, and the beauty of art and nature intertwining, This Fragile Planet explores the strength of intergenerational democracy and the power of regeneration across the natural world. 


When marine archaeologist Rebekah Poleman volunteers for a routine expedition in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, her thirst for isolation invites a nightmare scenario: Rebekah finds herself unteathered from her submarine, stranded four-thousand feet deep in the lightless Midnight...

Game Face

Told through a series of games, songs, dance and spoken word, Game Face is a joyfully anarchic critique of oppressive beauty ideals and the effort it takes to keep resisting them. 

Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees is story that draws on science, imagination and the indefatigable love for things lost. It is one man’s struggle to cope with the loss of his partner to cancer and a search for answers.

Lust Island

This year we're tackling the world of reality TV and creating truly awful British alter-egos, in a parody of the popular show, Love Island. Each 50 - 60 minute show will take place on the “set” of Lust Island, where young,...

Last updated: 13 January 2020