AKL - The Show Never Stops

11 February, 2014

The world’s greatest cities all have one thing in common; an overwhelming sense of unlimited possibilities. New York has it, London has it. The challenge is to prove Auckland has it, too.

That’s why Heart of the City have collaborated with ATEED, the council body responsible for promoting tourism in the wider Auckland region (AucklandNZ.com), to launch a domestic campaign that positions Auckland as an event in itself; a place full of energy, the unknown, surprising discoveries and a never-ending source of entertainment. A city where you never know what will happen when the lights go down. A city where the show never stops.

Heart of the City CEO, Alex Swney says, “There’s a story to tell about Auckland and it’s a real privilege to play a part in telling it. At the core of ‘The Show Never Stops’ campaign is an authenticity that we hope will engage Aucklanders in a way that stirs a sense of pride and belief in what Auckland is and has to offer.” 

The campaign looks all set to be a real showstopper. Or not, as it were.